Restoration Dentistry

Restoration Dentistry

A healthy smile starts from a young age and here at Boerne Orthodontics & Pediatric Dentistry, we’re glad to set your child on the right path. As your orthodontist and children’s dentist in Boerne and Fair Oaks, we’re equipped with a plethora of fantastic dental and orthodontic treatments that’ll keep your child’s smile as healthy as it can be. One of these branches of dentistry that we offer is restoration dentistry. If your child happens to suffer extensive decay or trauma to one of his or her primary (baby) teeth that isn’t ready to fall out yet, we may recommend a root canal that can save the tooth and restore its function.

Root Canal Therapy on Primary Teeth

If a child’s primary tooth has a fracture or cavity that dramatically weakens the tooth or it’s deep enough to reach the dental nerve, your children’s dentist in Boerne and Fair Oaks will administer root canal treatment to save the tooth. A baby root canal (sometimes known as a pulpotomy) will be performed where the nerve is removed from the upper portion of the tooth and it’s treated with a medicated filling. Pain typically isn’t a factor as the affected tooth and surrounding gum tissue will be fully numbed with a local anesthetic. Also, because the nerve is removed from the tooth, the child won’t feel pain afterward. After the treatment is completed, it may be necessary to place a dental crown over the tooth.

Dental Crowns on Primary Teeth

After a root canal procedure is finished, a crown is almost always required because the tooth will be considerably weaker without a vital nerve. Crowns will protect weak teeth and improve the strength, function, and appearance of the tooth. Additionally, extensive tooth decay that affects two or more surfaces of a baby tooth may need to have a dental crown placed as well. It’s important to note that the gum tissue that surrounds the crown can be mildly sensitive for up to two weeks afterward. Gentle brushing during this time is vital as it’ll help reduce inflammation and promote healing.

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