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Restoration DentistryRoot Canal Therapy and Dental Crowns for Baby Teeth

When a cavity penetrates a baby tooth so deeply that it reaches the dental nerve or drastically weakens the tooth, our pediatric dental team can administer care that will relieve the pain and save the tooth. Often times, a baby root canal (known as a pulpotomy) must be performed, in which the nerve is removed from the upper portion of the tooth and the tooth is treated with a medicated filling. It may then be necessary to place a cap, or crown, over the tooth to improve its strength and appearance.

Guidelines for Root Canal Therapy on a Baby Tooth

Pain, temperature sensitivity, or deep fractures and tooth decay which expose the nerve can typically be resolved with a pulpotomy (baby root canal). If the baby tooth is not expected to fall out on its own for several months or years, then the top portion of the tooth’s nerve must be removed and replaced with a medicated filling material. A pulpotomy s also recommended if an abscess or bump has formed near a baby tooth as the result of an infected nerve.

Guidelines for a Dental Crown on a Baby Tooth

Extensive tooth decay which affects 2 or more surfaces of a baby tooth can typically be overcome with the placement of a dental crown. On the baby teeth, crowns can protect and restore weak teeth, cracked teeth, decayed teeth and root canal-treated teeth. After a root canal procedure, a crown is almost always required since the tooth is considerably weaker without a vital nerve.

Expect the Best after a Baby Root Canal or Crown

During the root canal procedure, the affected tooth and the surrounding gum tissue will be fully numbed with a local anesthetic. After the pulpotomy, pain is not typically a factor since the nerve has been removed from the tooth. However, the gum tissue surrounding the crown may be mildly sensitive for up to two weeks. Gentle but thorough brushing is important during this time to promote healing and reduce inflammation.

We expect our young patients to feel much better in the days and weeks following their dental procedures. However, we encourage you to contact us right away if any irritation or discomfort is reported by your child.

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